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Pride Windows offer as part of a new installation or as an upgrade to your existing doors a range of affordable high quality door security lock protection products by Max6mum Security. The Max6mum Security range consist of low cost, high quality and easy to fit innovative products that have been designed and developed with affordable home security in mind. Transform weak and defenceless front and back doors into protective barriers for yourself, your family and your most valuable possessions.

The Max6mum Security Zero Lift Cylinder is a high quality 6 pin British Standard Kitemarked euro cylinder that can be fitted to any external door to combat ´Lock Snapping´ and ´Lock Bumping´ – two common methods of entry to break into homes. Each cylinder has been awarded the ‘Secured by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and comes with a number of secure safety features:


The cylinder has an anti-snap line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the anti-snap line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact and not allowing access to the property.


The cylinder has a ‘zero lift’ pin which sits far higher than the rest of the pins, to ensure that bump keys cannot reach it to bump the lock and trick it into opening.


4 hardened steel anti-drill pins are on each side of the cylinder which requires a special drill bit to break through the locking mechanism of the cylinder. Common drill bits will have no effect.


3 anti-pick pins on each side of the cylinder mean that it is extremely difficult for people to open the cylinder using picks.

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